Monday, November 12, 2007

Roman Ball Games!!

Recently I was browsing to read about Medieval Civilizations of the World, and an interesting link came across while reading about the Great Roman empire.

Roman Ball Games

From the website and evidences illustrated there, it seems Romans played quite a few games popular today!! If what's seen is to be believed, roots of Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball and even Cricket (!!!) go as back as Roman Empire!!!!

A lot of these games are prevalent in different parts of world today. While Soccer gained the most popularity around the world, Cricket found its place only in 10-15 countries which are wide-spread. Baseball became popular only in US and so did (American) Football. It is safe to assume that, however, Rugby was an offspring of Greek-Roman times, it being first cousin of football.

{BTW, I am not posting reason for being on a hiatus as I am trying to be less self-indulgent now. :)}

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