Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A thought bubble..

If you develop websites, always do a good job. Your client may or may not have that many people to refer you to. But, You never know who might see it.

(From my personal experience - I see so many websites all day to get ideas about my upcoming website . I come to appreciate a lot of them which are not even directly referred to me by someone.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An observation on the Evolution of Personal Branding?

I remember having a confrontation with someone on an online forums because I partially revealed his real identity. All I said was that he was my housemate, but he didn't take it too liberally and that lead to an online duel between us, while we very well could have solved it in real life as well.

But I digress.

The point I want to make is that in those days people tried their very best to hide their identity. People hid themselves behind avatars of Homer Simpson, and l337 sp34k names! (I admit myself being one of them)

While this practice still continues for those posting in online forums, personal blogs have changed the entire face of online posting. Add to that the juggernaut of social media and social networking. No one is hidden anymore, internet is a big playground where you remove your helmet and just join the fun. Recession has added fuel to the fire, social networking has become one of the better tools to promote yourself. Everyone has jumped on the wagon to build a better brand for self, and put their best foot forward by adding the best of the information on the web, spreading it to the vastest of the audience, and adding the most dapper looking photograph along with it.

Web 2.0 has and will continue to change how we present ourselves online. Job hunters and self-promoters have already gone beyond the traditional ways to make their brand stronger - while blog posts started it all, Twitter, video blogging, podcasting and heavy networking through FaceBook, LinkedIn has only taken it a few steps further. Some entrepreneurs have realized the impact this all can have on how things work in future, and made a career out of advising others on how best to utilize the available online tools to build a better online self.

Probably the least happy with all this happening is Homer Simpson's headshot.