Thursday, July 13, 2006

Main agenda of the blog

I wouldn't need one more blog for no reason. I already have subscriptions on one or two different blogging services, a few social networking sites, a few forums etc. Adding more to my internet life would be absolutely unmanageable.

However, this blog aims at serving a purpose. I have heard that clicking on ads and various links in a blog on earns the blog-owner some money. Along with a few other friends, I sincerely intend to do some charity with those money. However small the amount, will go to some kind of charity. I don't have exact plan where, but trust me, it will be used for a good purpose.

Please click on the links. I will try to keep content of the blog interesting as well. You can expect different blogs on computer hardwares and music from me. Or traveling, which I maintain to do every weekend. ;)

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zalak said...

Hi Tejas,
Now I have found your page.