Monday, April 16, 2007

Lord Hanuman sending Spams!!

Spams are becoming a bigger nuisance than beggars and hawkers these days. Mails claiming to help you with mortgages, recovered treasures are fun in a sense, while the other type: extending a 'hand' to increase size of a person's organs are highly unwelcome, disturbing, frustrating and embarrassing. :-D

Rediffmail is one of the earlier email provider services in India. It was no wonder that I had an account on that site, being one of the early users of internet. [Smell the self-satisfying ego here. ;-) ] The service in the past and even now, earn their revenues from 100 spam per day policy, I am sure. When an old friend from my rediff using days told me that she sent an important email to my rediff account, I was reluctant to go open the mail. I had to recall password, and like my most other online accounts, I used the Forgot password technique. ;)

And lo!! I had some 1500 spams waiting for me. Thank God, they had a new search feature by which I could find my friend's mail. But one particular spam caught my eye.

I had this one spam, from someone named
Hanuman, urging me to buy a 3 CD set of a popular and epic mythology series Ramayan at discounted rates. Well, it did make much sense because Hanuman was a leading character of that mythology!!! Hanuman is a God, one of the many metaphorical divine entities of Indian culture.

Before this I was getting daily spams from Jenny, Cassandra and Julie - requesting if I was available for a date. They interest in me was overwhelming, and gave me an ego-boost. I could never make it to the date because of my busy schedule. What a pity!!

But this was probably first time in the history of my life I received a spam from God himself! I must be not very religious. If this was God's way of reaching to me, it was very eye-opening. I cannot afford those CDs even at discounted rates. But here I am, off to my torrent sites. I am sure God is not interested in my money, but only wants me to turn to my roots, heritage and culture. Thanks God, for lifting my spirits in times like these. When I am out, I will sure buy some CDs!! ;)

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CrippLeD SaM said...

I hate Spams, too.

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