Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beautiful Poem...

In the midst of tons of meaningful posts, (!!!???!?!? :D), I thought of shooting this beautiful little poem a friend sent me 3 years back, when I came to the US. It holds its true meaning for me, and I am sure you will be able to connect to it more or less.


I was thinking of old friends today
And how many of them have slipped away.
Moved, got married, or stopped calling so much,
Found new friends, got busy, and just lost touch.

It reminded me of falling leaves.

Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.
Some stay longer than others, but eventually -
Each leaf must fall, I'm told,
Leaving the tree alone to face the cold.

Why is it that in the time of utmost need
The leaves would seek to leave the tree?
And when we need our friends around
We look and they can not be found?

Of course these friendships come and go
And in the spring new leaves will grow.
But I prefer autumn friends of old
With crackling laughter and colors bold.

It saddens me now I must admit
How somehow, someway, I did forget
Laughing with old friends of mine
During summers when the sun would shine.

And then I thought of you


I am sure many of you might have read it, as it has been circling on Interweb for long time. But I just started feeling my association with the poem surging once again in my life, and hence the post.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for the poem. I tried finding its real author but in vain. Whoever it is, props to him for such a nice little thing.

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darshinee said...

A simple yet an exquisite piece of poetry..

I cant recall it right now, but there is a similar kind of Gujrati poem I have read a long back ...

whenever i read or heard anything like this..
just few words by Brayn Adams come into my mind...

"Those were the best days of my life..."

And ironically, they happend to be true each time!!!