Tuesday, May 08, 2007

'FREE' and Legal Music Torrents!!

It's a little stale news that American industrial metal band Nine Inch Nails released their new album 'Year Zero' on ThePirateBay, the world's biggest BitTorrent and P2P network. Well, when the world is already 'sharing' the music and movies through broadband and high-speed internet, it seems only a new idea that Nine Inch Nail is following to promote their album. 'Year Zero' debuted at #2 on Billboard charts.

When the government and RIAA battle to protect the copyrighted music and stop its sharing over the internet, there are many sites which let users download music for FREE, and legally. You can download bootlegs, live gigs, promo material of many artists from these sites.

Here's a link to a site where all such legal music torrent download sites are listed:
http://bt.etree.org/ - This is one more very nice collection of bootlegs that I have been using.
ZOMB torrents - Another very good site. However, they are somewhat bitchy about the upload and download ratios.

You can always download the music as FLAC files, which is the best audio quality. If you have to convert it to high quality mp3, you can always convert it to WMV format first using FLAC and then encoding it as mp3 using WinLAME. I just downloaded a couple of Pink Floyd gigs, and boy..they rock!!!

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