Monday, May 14, 2007

Yahoo! Green - Let's make a Better Planet

Dedicated humbly to Zalak or Zee as we fondly call her, a terrific friend. I am proud to say that she practices all the steps described in this article herself, and has been making me aware of them for a long time. Also, I would like to mention the same amount of gratitude towards Hardik, my one of the oldest buddies, and a true environmentalist I have known. Zee writes regularly on her blog We will donate about various ways of charity and saving environment. Hardik is my co-author on this blog.


"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." - Mahatma Gandhi

I appreciate Yahoo! as an innovator. It's not long ago that they came up with an idea of Yahoo! Time Capsule. And this time their project is well..much more important. Yahoo! has come up with a serious issue on hand this time. It concerns our dear Planet Earth. Please check more details about the plan at

In this plan, you can register and 'pledge' for making earth a greener place. As you sign in, and take the pledge, you are presented with a list of steps you could take in order to reduce emission of CO2, saving energy, water and recycled items, based on your willingness of degree of effort and impact. And many steps Yahoo! proposes are very simple to follow. You can employ them without additional expenses, and all it needs is some carefulness and proactive actions on an individual's side.
One can customize plan according to different criteria such as
  • Family plan, Individual plan, Office plan, Student plan.
  • Energy saving, Water saving, Recycling and Travel.
  • Easy, Medium, Hard effort.
  • Small, Medium, Big Impact.
Some of the very basic steps I have added to my plan:
  • Air-dry your clothes in the spring and summer instead of using the dryer.
  • Drive less aggressively -- don't accelerate and brake rapidly.
  • Get off junk mail lists. Read More on Zalak's blog ..
  • Take shorter showers instead of baths.
  • Carpool. Read More on Zalak's blog..
  • Bring your own canvas bags to the store instead of using plastic or paper. Read More on Zalak's blog..
  • Using darker colors on computer screen, hence the design of my blog. Read More..
The plan itself suggests more ways of saving energy for each step you add to your plan. I am the proud 364th member who has taken the pledge to keep planet green. I am going to save approx. 1.75 tons of CO2 a year by sticking to this plan. much are you going to save this year?! :)

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