Wednesday, May 16, 2007

World's Smartest Man competition

I am not only the World's Smartest Blogger, but the World's Smartest Man too. Well..there are a few others who are trying to match my caliber, but they will fall short. Always. :-P

Below is the list of other candidates. If you knew me, you would realize that they don't even qualify to become candidates in the race, umm..there is no competition at all.



Competitors who wished their name be published here..

Goldy World
Baja Energy Blog
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Tasty Booze
Money Blog Site
Dirt Exposed
Cultural Subterfuge
The Thinking Blog
A Frog to Kiss
Thought for the Day
Filtered Design News
Rich Gentleman Hide
Mattress Police
Bob Meets World
Hammer Uncut
The Psychic Guy
Decipher Wealth
Market to the Mobile Masses
The Rain in Spain
What a Wheenie
Greg's Brain
Speedcat Hollydale
The Rag Box
Barstow Mama
Blog Slut
Monster Truck Man
World's Smartest Man

Your Site here

Disclaimer: The post to be taken light heartedly. My evil twin sometimes takes control of the blog and then posts some weird things. He does think that I am the world's smartest man. However, this is just a test for the page to get ranked in Google. Check Hammer's page as he came up with the idea of declaring me with the title. He is also one of the world's smartest mans.


Hammer said...

I believe that your evil twin is confused, as he is only one of the world's smartest bloggers. I am the world's smartest man. Currently, Google has me listed in second place, after Stephen Hawking, but that will change soon.

p.s. Welcome to the list.

Gregory A. Becerra said...

I have just stolen Hawking's amplifier. All goes according to plan.

2Perfect said...

Actually, since you DOFOLLOW, I should've made that a hyperlink :P So here it is again... Delete the previous one.
Thanks for the link-back!

If you search for World's Smartest Man on Google, you get Hammer Uncut as the first result, with Stephen Hawking taking 2nd.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

This is still running? #1 ??
Hey, it's FUN to find yourself on another page - Speedcat Hollydale

Gregory A. Becerra said...

I see Hammer as being the #3 World's Smartest Man. Did someone see him as #1 World's Smartest Man at some point, if so, when?

Random thought from Greg's Brain

davidbdale said...

Absolutely I want my name to appear in that list. (I may not be the world's smartest man, but I'm smart enough to want to show up at Google if somebody's searching for the World's Smartest Man!)

Tejas said...

@david: you can just link back to this post and i will add you to the list.. thanks for stopping by! :)